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Ameren Rebates
Ameren Rebates

We work closely with Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois to help our customers get the most out of their incentive programs for energy-efficient lighting upgrades in industrial and commercial buildings.

Since 2010, we have:

  • Completed over 1,500 Projects
  • Provided Our Customers With Over $3,000,000 in Incentive Dollars
  • Saved over 50,000,000 total Kilowatt-Hours

Our projects have saved the amount of energy equivalent to:

  • Removing More Than 10,000 Vehicles From The Road
  • Powering Over 5,000 Homes For a Year

Are you wondering about Ameren Rebates and how they can save you money today? If so, let our team guide you.

Ameren Rebates are one of the best ways to save money today. When you can count on local governments to send you money in exchange for making the environmentally friendly choice, why would you do anything else? That's why we believe so strongly in helping our customers get the best rebates around.

Any warehouse, office or commercial establishment needs lighting. Whether you're an industrial facility, a nonprofit, and agricultural operation or a government building, lighting is crucial. We understand that sometimes lighting can feel expensive, though. Your upfront investment may seem steep. However, the right rebates can ease your burden upfront while ensuring excellent ROI over the years to come.

Here at Starbeam, we are energy specialists. We would love to help you a lighting audit, installation and rebate help to get the help you need today. With honest service and durable solutions, you can help the Earth and the company account at the same time.

How Do Rebates from Ameren Work?

Energy efficiency is a high goal for a lot of companies. However, it's not always apparent how best to go about achieving that efficiency. Whether we're talking an industrial space, a commercial site, or a warehouse or other structure, you've got quite a lot of options from which to choose.

One of the best ways to achieve a more efficient building is to put in LED lighting. This is such a good strategy. That's why Ameren, Missouri encourages citizens and business owners to do so through significant rebates. They offer high-quality incentive programs and discounts to help you afford the cost of new LED lighting systems.

It's pretty simple, really. Ameren, Missouri will offer you cash in exchange for proof that you have purchased products or equipment that meet energy ratings. Now you can install a lighting system that best highlights your products and services, all while respecting the budget.

Don't worry, applying for the rebate is easy. Just follow the steps on their website. You'll learn more about how the rebate works and how to collect the necessary supporting documentation. However, most of our clients find it easier to work with an LED lighting specialist who can guide them through the process.

If you guessed that that describes us, gold star. Or should we say Starbeam, because our team is here for you from beginning to end. Before you charge forward in getting that rebate, it really is important to find the right team with which to work. Otherwise, the worst can happen..

Ameren Rebates: A One-Time Deal, So Don’t Mess It Up!

The maximum rebate Ameren offers is $500,000 per project. That’s a huge amount of money. It can make a significant difference in your bottom line in the present and the future. Even smaller rebates can mean the difference between affording a lighting system and not. You can only get the rebate once, however. Even if you get a new lighting system in short order, you’ve still used your rebate and cannot access more funding for the foreseeable future.

Yet companies lose their rebates all the time by working with the wrong lighting providers. Or, they buy the wrong LED products. Personally, we’ve known multiple businesses to whom this has happened. For instance, a car dealership we recently helped bought crummy products from China. That quickly turned into a nightmare. They used their rebate. Then, when they had to replace the system right away, they did so without the help of any government program.

Bummer, right? If you want to make the most of this opportunity, therefore, it’s critical you let us help.

Make Sure You Make the Best of Your Rebate

Working with the best company in the St. Louis area is a key step in the right direction. You can learn more about us and how we work on our website, or you can just trust us when we say we’re pretty cool. With 40 years in the business and ongoing projects with some of the biggest companies around, we’re your go-to solution.

Ready to put those Ameren Rebates to work for you? We’ll help you figure out where you stand now and the best way forward for you. The right technology and the right company can mean the difference between affordability and a big mistake. So, don’t wait, contact us today to get started.