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A Brief History of Commercial Lighting

  • Lighting has always played a pivotal role in shaping our commercial spaces. From the flickering flames of gas lamps to the sophisticated LED systems of today, the evolution of lighting technology reflects our constant quest for efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Understanding this evolution showcases the remarkable advancements and highlights the potential for future innovations. […]

    Commercial Lighting Terms Property Owners Should Learn

  • Commercial lighting is a world of its own. When we work with property and business owners, they often have a baseline knowledge of their lighting needs to keep their space functional. While this is a significant first step, more specialized knowledge will improve energy savings, safety, and aesthetics. Let’s define some commercial lighting terms that […]

    Ways to Improve Your Office Lighting

  • Many Americans spend much of their weekly time in an office building. Employers can (and should) work to create a comfortable space for their team, and lighting is an integral part of the equation. Which lighting types and placements help improve productivity? Let’s discuss ways commercial building owners can improve office lighting. Switch to LED […]

    Horticultural Lighting: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Light plays a crucial role in the growth and development of plants. In nature, plants rely on sunlight for photosynthesis, which converts light into chemical energy. However, when it comes to indoor gardening, natural sunlight may not always be available or sufficient. That’s where horticultural lighting comes in. Understanding Different Types of Horticultural Lighting Before […]

    What Are Tunable Drivers, and Why Do I Need Them?

  • LED technology is a beacon of efficiency, longevity, and versatility in the ever-evolving commercial lighting landscape. As businesses and industries seek to optimize their lighting solutions, one component often overlooked yet crucial is the LED driver. Let’s delve into the world of tunable LED drivers, exploring what they are, why they’re essential, and how they […]

    2024 Energy-Saving Goals for Commercial Property Owners

  • In today’s business environment, commercial property owners increasingly recognize the importance of energy efficiency for cost savings and environmental sustainability. As we approach 2024, it’s crucial to reassess and optimize our buildings to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. Here are some proven tips to help commercial property owners enhance energy efficiency, implement sustainability measures, […]

    Exterior Lighting You Should Add To Your Property

  • In commercial real estate, the importance of exterior lighting goes beyond mere visibility—it’s a key player in creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. Whether you’re managing an office building, warehouse, or retail store, thoughtful lighting can significantly impact your property’s security and visual appeal. Let’s explore exterior lighting fixtures and strategies that can elevate […]

    A Guide to Warehouse Lighting

  • Warehouses are the backbone of many businesses, serving as storage and distribution centers for various products. However, ensuring proper lighting within these facilities is often overlooked, leading to safety hazards, decreased productivity, and unnecessary energy costs. In this article, we’ll explore some essential tips to improve your warehouse lighting for efficiency and savings. LED Lighting […]

    How Lighting Can Improve Your Retail Store

  • When running a successful retail business, there are countless considerations to make, from product selection and pricing to marketing and customer service. One often overlooked decision, (proper) lighting design, is an essential element that can significantly impact your store’s success. Lighting isn’t just about brightening your space; it is crucial to enhancing the overall shopping […]

    Horticulture Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

  • If you’ve ever considered getting into the horticultural industry, now is the time. With legislation opening up in various states surrounding cannabis and growing, more and more players are entering the game. Although cannabis and other plants are pretty adaptable to multiple conditions, mistakes in the growing process can be challenging to overcome. Let’s look […]

    Where Should I Put My Light Fixtures?

  • Lighting creates a safe and inviting environment for commercial property employees, customers, and visitors, and the strategic placement of these fixtures can enhance security, improve energy efficiency, and elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. In this blog post, we’ll explore various areas throughout a commercial property where lighting should be present and how […]

    A conference room in an office

    10 Ways to Save On Your Building’s Energy Costs

  • In today’s world, energy efficiency is a responsible choice and a wise business decision. Commercial property owners increasingly realize the importance of reducing energy costs while creating sustainable, eco-friendly spaces. This blog post will explore ten effective ways to save on your building’s energy costs, focusing on lighting, automation, LED technology, natural light, ergonomic spaces, […]

    Aerial shot of retail store parking lot at night

    How Outdoor Lighting Benefits Your Property

  • Outdoor lighting is essential to any commercial property, regardless of the industry. It provides aesthetic appeal and has a range of benefits that can enhance your property’s functionality, safety, and overall value. This blog post will explore the various benefits of outdoor lighting for commercial properties. Customer Safety As a business owner, the safety of […]

    Lighting control system in a office space

    A Guide to Lighting Control Systems

  • Lighting is essential to any commercial property, and proper lighting control ensures efficient and effective energy use. Lighting control systems have become increasingly popular, especially among commercial property owners looking to enhance the appeal of their facilities, reduce energy costs, and improve overall safety. This guide will discuss how lighting control systems work, their benefits, and how […]

    Cannabis grow room

    A Guide to Horticultural Lighting

  • Lighting plays an integral role in many industries, and horticulture is no exception. Horticulture has always been an active field, and with evolving legislation across the U.S. around cannabis, the industry is booming. Lighting in greenhouses or other horticultural settings impacts plant growth, productivity, and safety. People new to the industry and experienced horticulturists should […]

    Security Cameras

    How to Increase Security With LED Lighting

  • When it comes to protecting your facility, cameras and alarms are no-brainers. But have you ever considered the role that LED lighting can play in protecting your property and assets from theft or damage? High-quality LED lighting can offer serious protection in conjunction with other physical security features. Breaking Down the Benefits There are many […]

    Energy Audits: What You Should Know

  • The cost of doing business is climbing, and commercial property owners and managers are constantly looking for ways to widen profit margins. Besides saving money, businesses are increasingly looking to reduce their environmental footprint. One of the first steps in knowing how to save money is to conduct a thorough audit of current energy usage. […]

    LED Lighting FAQs

  • LED lighting upgrades are the way of the future. Already have an LED system? Considering putting one in today? It pays to understand the importance and mechanisms of LED lighting. Are you curious about your options for LED lighting upgrades? Do you wonder if your commercial, warehouse, or office space could be more energy-efficient? Do […]

    LED Lighting On the Job

  • Organizations everywhere are making big moves to help improve the health and well-being of employees returning to work. However, decision-makers may be overlooking the role that lighting plays in a workplace setting.  In the Warehouse Poor lighting levels in your warehouse and flicker from traditional lighting causes a list of health issues: headaches, fatigue, eye […]

    Retail Lighting Tips for Holiday Shopping

  • This holiday shopping season will look much different for brick and mortar retailers than it ever has before. With the consideration of supply chain challenges and the rise of e-commerce, retailers need to increase foot traffic and boost their bottom line. These steps include marketing and merchandising, but now more than ever, customer experience is […]

    Hazardous Location Lighting

  • For manufacturing, commercial, and industrial facilities that produce and store hazardous (and possibly combustible) materials, lighting is a crucial factor. In fact, there are specialty LED lighting products and fixtures that are made specifically for hazardous location lighting. What Is Hazardous Location Lighting? Simply put, hazardous location lighting is a light or fixture that’s placed […]

    Take Advantage of Additional LED Savings

  • Upgrading to LED lighting for energy efficiency is now easier and more cost-effective than ever, thanks to additional incentives from Ameren Missouri: From May 1, 2021 until July 31, 2021, the Ameren Missouri BizSavers Program has increased incentive rates by 20%. This applies to pre-approval interior lighting projects replacing fluorescent or HID lamps or fixtures […]

    The Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools

  • Facility managers across the country are doing everything they can to create schools and educational facilities that are safe and healthy for students and staff, and this includes upgrading the lighting to LED bulbs and fixtures. Although many decision-makers may have sticker shock when looking at the cost of the upgrade, it’s important to consider […]

    A Guide To Exterior Commercial Lighting

  • When it comes to investing in safety and security, outdoor lighting is a necessity for public spaces, businesses, warehouses, and other commercial property. These are the lights that keep dark areas illuminated during the day, help provide bright illumination throughout the evenings, and offer additional benefits like aesthetic appeal and security. While there is a […]

    Conducting Commercial Energy Audits

  • When was the last time you performed a comprehensive audit of the energy usage in your commercial building? Are you looking for ways to cut energy costs while also supporting sustainability? Then it’s time to conduct an energy audit. Establish Metrics Energy Star offers a great tool to help commercial building managers and owners set […]

    Older LED Outdoor Fixture

    When Should I Replace My LED Lighting?

  • Although LED fixtures last longer than traditional incandescent lighting, they may be due for replacement if you upgraded about ten years ago when they first hit the market in 2010. For those considering an LED lighting replacement now, it’s important to understand the lifetime value of the investment. How long do LED lamps and fixtures […]

    Horticultural Lighting Upgrades

  • Lighting in horticultural settings and cannabis cultivation is key to the success of your crops — that’s a universal truth. As LED lighting becomes more sophisticated and industry professionals learn new skills for optimizing those LEDs, best practices are also adjusted. If you’ve made the recent decision to upfit your system, these are the decisions […]

    What are LED Drivers?

  • LED lighting offers a long list of benefits over traditional lighting — energy efficiency,  longevity, smaller environmental impact, and lower cost of ownership over a lifetime just to name a few. That said, one of the (very minor) drawbacks of LEDs is that they require a consistent, constant flow of electrical current at an exact […]

    Buyer Beware: Coronavirus-Killing Lighting

  • There are still plenty of unanswered questions about infection control methods and protection against COVID-19. With so much misinformation floating around, some lighting brands are making claims regarding coronavirus-killing lighting. Before investing in costly upgrades that allegedly provide protection, it’s important to learn more about this approach. While the primary source of UV light is […]

    Advantage of an Ameren Ally

    What’s the Advantage of an Ameren Ally?

  • Advantage of an Ameren Ally. Ameren Missouri was founded in 1902 as Union Electric. Even though Starbeam Lighting hasn’t been around for 116 years, if you total up our experience, we’ve got more than a century among us. We do have one thing in common with Ameren: a commitment to advanced green technology that saves […]

    Security Lighting in Conjunction with Surveillance Cameras

    Using Security Lighting in Conjunction with Surveillance Cameras

  • Security Lighting in Conjunction with Surveillance Cameras. When planning for your facility’s security, the go-to item is security cameras. However, even the most powerful camera won’t capture anything if it doesn’t have proper lighting. Just as you wouldn’t expect to clearly see a potential burglar in the dark with your own eyes, most security cameras […]

    LED Safer Office

    How LED Lighting Creates Healthier Workplaces

  • LED Lighting Creates Healthier Workplaces. Think about these stats: There were 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in 2018. A recent survey showed that 94% of Americans experienced stress at work, and another poll revealed that two-thirds of employees experience burnout on the job. While organizations look for more effective ways to promote […]

    Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much

    Are Your Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much Money?

  • Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much? If you have the sneaking suspicion that you’re wasting money on your business’s utility bills but you’re not sure where you’re wasting it, don’t forget to consider your lighting. Energy efficiency — and the cost savings it brings with it — is a prime reason many business owners in […]

    Industrial Lighting and Sustainability

    Industrial Lighting and Sustainability

  • Sustainability seems to be on everyone’s mind lately, and that’s a good thing. Books, articles, classes, and consultants are sharing the benefits for individuals and businesses alike. There’s so much information, and so many options, that it can be confusing to pick a starting point on the path to sustainability. Here’s your lightbulb moment: the […]

    Incandescent HID Fluorescent

    Incandescent, HID, Fluorescent, and LED

  • What’s the big difference? Incandescent HID Fluorescent. Back in the day, the two main things you had to consider when buying lighting for your facility were choosing from incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide and deciding on the wattage of the bulbs. In 2008, the EPA’s and DOE’s Energy Star program added lighting to its list […]

    Best Recessed Lighting

    Choosing the Best Recessed Lighting

  • Best Recessed Lighting. In a previous post, we discussed several of the many types of lighting that are available to you. Today, we’re going to drill down and get into specifics for recessed lighting. Picking out recessed lighting – also referred to as pot lights, downlights, or can lights – for your projects can seem […]

    Changes Coming To Ameren Incentive

    Changes Coming To Ameren Incentive

  • Changes Coming To Ameren Incentive. Energy efficiency and being green is a goal for many companies. Recycling programs, going paperless, and retrofitting costly existing lighting with LED or fluorescent lamps can help businesses realize exceptional cost savings, and at the same time help the environment. If you’re considering retrofitting the lighting at your company, now […]

    LED Lighting: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

    LED Lighting: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • LED Lighting: A Cost-Benefit Analysis. If you’re a business owner or homeowner considering an LED retrofit, you’re probably aware that new LED lights will eventually pay for themselves. But how long does it take, and what do the numbers look like? Starbeam Lighting Solutions, a St. Louis company providing exceptional lighting solutions for almost 50 […]

    Incandescent To LED Bulbs

    Comparing Incandescent To LED Bulbs

  • Incandescent To LED Bulbs. Incandescent bulbs and LED lighting are popular illumination choices for homeowners and businesses. As a top-rated lighting company in St. Louis, Starbeam Lighting is uniquely positioned to analyze both options and discuss the pros and cons of each. Incandescent What Is It? An incandescent lightbulb is the classic bulb we’re used […]

    Evolution Of TLEDs

    The Evolution Of TLEDs

  • Evolution Of TLEDs. The last several years have seen a marked increase in the popularity of TLEDs, also known as “T8 LED tube lights”. Starbeam Lighting reviews the evolution of this lighting solution and discusses why TLEDs are a compelling choice for businesses interested in a new approach to industrial lighting. 

    Types Of Industrial Lighting Fixtures

    The Most Common Types Of Industrial Lighting Fixtures

  • Types Of Industrial Lighting Fixtures. If you’re looking to install industrial lighting in an office building, warehouse, or factory, you’ll need the expertise possessed by Starbeam Lighting. We’re licensed, bonded, and highly proficient with a variety of industrial lighting types and installation procedures. And speaking of “lighting types”, let’s take a look at the most […]

    Reduce Energy Costs In Commercial Buildings

    Five Ways To Reduce Energy Costs In Commercial Buildings

  • Reduce Energy Costs In Commercial Buildings. Reducing energy costs in commercial buildings through smarter lighting decisions is a hot topic amongst the next generation of developers and engineers. Starbeam Lighting, a well-established lighting company serving the St. Louis metro area, looks at five ways that lighting can help achieve this sought-after energy reduction.  

    What Does Retrofit Mean?

    What Does Retrofit Mean?

  • Regardless of what business you’re in, chances are you’ve heard of LED lighting and the outstanding benefits it provides. Maybe you’ve even gotten as far as discussing an LED retrofit, but are unsure how to proceed. Starbeam Lighting is here to fill in the blanks for you with this informative blog covering all things retrofit. 

    Increase ROI With LED

    You Could Increase ROI With LED

  • Increase ROI With LED. We live in an age of tremendous technological innovation that impacts virtually every aspect of our daily existence. Specific to commercial lighting advancements for businesses and retailers, there is arguably no bigger game-changer than LED lighting. Starbeam Lighting looks at how this powerful, efficient lighting solution can increase your company’s ROI.  

    Top LED Lighting Tips for Retail Stores

  • Lighting Tips for Retail Stores. Retail success in brick-and-mortar spaces includes many factors, but in this age of eCommerce shopping it’s easy to overlook strategic lighting in its role of boosting sales and bringing more foot traffic in the door. Along with merchandising, lighting helps provide the backdrop for the first impression for visitors. In […]

    Warehouse Lighting Best Practices

  • Warehouse Lighting Best Practices. You have a lot of design elements to consider when creating a warehouse space that works, but perhaps the most overlooked is the lighting. With 95 million lost workdays attributed to accidents, safety is the most important reason to invest in top-quality lighting for your warehouse. You’ll end up with a […]