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Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much

Are Your Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much Money?

  • Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much? If you have the sneaking suspicion that you’re wasting money on your business’s utility bills but you’re not sure where you’re wasting it, don’t forget to consider your lighting. Energy efficiency — and the cost savings it brings with it — is a prime reason many business owners in […]

    Advantage of an Ameren Ally

    What’s the Advantage of an Ameren Ally?

  • Advantage of an Ameren Ally. Ameren Missouri was founded in 1902 as Union Electric. Even though Starbeam Lighting hasn’t been around for 116 years, if you total up our experience, we’ve got more than a century among us. We do have one thing in common with Ameren: a commitment to advanced green technology that saves […]

    Changes Coming To Ameren Incentive

    Changes Coming To Ameren Incentive

  • Changes Coming To Ameren Incentive. Energy efficiency and being green is a goal for many companies. Recycling programs, going paperless, and retrofitting costly existing lighting with LED or fluorescent lamps can help businesses realize exceptional cost savings, and at the same time help the environment. If you’re considering retrofitting the lighting at your company, now […]