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Older LED Outdoor Fixture

When Should I Replace My LED Lighting?

  • Although LED fixtures last longer than traditional incandescent lighting, they may be due for replacement if you upgraded about ten years ago when they first hit the market in 2010. For those considering an LED lighting replacement now, it’s important to understand the lifetime value of the investment. How long do LED lamps and fixtures […]

    What are LED Drivers?

  • LED lighting offers a long list of benefits over traditional lighting — energy efficiency,  longevity, smaller environmental impact, and lower cost of ownership over a lifetime just to name a few. That said, one of the (very minor) drawbacks of LEDs is that they require a consistent, constant flow of electrical current at an exact […]

    Buyer Beware: Coronavirus-Killing Lighting

  • There are still plenty of unanswered questions about infection control methods and protection against COVID-19. With so much misinformation floating around, some lighting brands are making claims regarding coronavirus-killing lighting. Before investing in costly upgrades that allegedly provide protection, it’s important to learn more about this approach. While the primary source of UV light is […]

    Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much

    Are Your Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much Money?

  • Lighting Fixtures Costing You Too Much? If you have the sneaking suspicion that you’re wasting money on your business’s utility bills but you’re not sure where you’re wasting it, don’t forget to consider your lighting. Energy efficiency — and the cost savings it brings with it — is a prime reason many business owners in […]

    Warehouse Lighting Best Practices

  • Warehouse Lighting Best Practices. You have a lot of design elements to consider when creating a warehouse space that works, but perhaps the most overlooked is the lighting. With 95 million lost workdays attributed to accidents, safety is the most important reason to invest in top-quality lighting for your warehouse. You’ll end up with a […]

    Top LED Lighting Tips for Retail Stores

  • Lighting Tips for Retail Stores. Retail success in brick-and-mortar spaces includes many factors, but in this age of eCommerce shopping it’s easy to overlook strategic lighting in its role of boosting sales and bringing more foot traffic in the door. Along with merchandising, lighting helps provide the backdrop for the first impression for visitors. In […]

    Best Recessed Lighting

    Choosing the Best Recessed Lighting

  • Best Recessed Lighting. In a previous post, we discussed several of the many types of lighting that are available to you. Today, we’re going to drill down and get into specifics for recessed lighting. Picking out recessed lighting – also referred to as pot lights, downlights, or can lights – for your projects can seem […]

    Incandescent HID Fluorescent

    Incandescent, HID, Fluorescent, and LED

  • What’s the big difference? Incandescent HID Fluorescent. Back in the day, the two main things you had to consider when buying lighting for your facility were choosing from incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide and deciding on the wattage of the bulbs. In 2008, the EPA’s and DOE’s Energy Star program added lighting to its list […]