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Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Wondering how commercial lighting control systems work and what they mean to you?

Here at Starbeam, we believe that the right commercial lighting control systems are just as important as the right bulbs and fixtures. After all, there’s no use putting up all that fancy new equipment if you can’t manage your lighting easily.

That’s where control systems come in. They do more than help you turn lights on and off. They can also:

  • Turn on or off automatically
  • Dim to match different needs in different areas of a warehouse or office
  • Turn on outdoors when night falls
  • Come on in response to alarm or emergency
  • Dim or brighten with the time of day to match human circadian rhythms (the night-and-day cycles that govern our bodies)
  • Pair with devices for easy manipulation from the factory floor or central office
  • Respond to movement
  • Turn off when no one is in the area to help save energy

The inner workings and benefits of lighting control systems are important to understand. Especially, if you’re going to make the best choice about the system for you. So, whip out that notepad/MacBook/diner napkin and start taking notes today. (Or, you know, maybe just read. Up to you.)

Lighting Control Systems That Scale

The lighting system is a crucial part of any structure. Without a good control system, though, your chances of having the best lighting are slim to none. Efficient and responsive bay lights, track lighting, recessed lighting and flood lights require wiring and control software that helps you do what you want when you want to do it.

You need a simple lighting control system that allows you to access on/off functionality both from the room itself and from a central control hub. The wiring for each light and group of lights should be thoughtfully engineered to provide the most utility for its users. Plus, you need affordability and scalability as well.

his last is particularly important. Some control systems are efficient and highly useable when they’re small. However, as you scale those systems up into warehouse or industrial situations, they lose their functionality. They slow down, glitch out, or simply don’t work. This is especially true when you work with cheap companies that don’t know what they’re doing.

Why do that to yourself? Well, you don’t install inefficient appliances in your home or buy cars with only three wheels, do you? It makes sense to avoid lighting systems that let you down on the reg. The question becomes, though: How do you recognize a quality lighting control system when you see one? More importantly, how do you avoid those that aren’t worth their weight in electrons?

What to Look for in Simplified Commercial Lighting Control Systems

When you’re searching for the right system, make sure to ask your partner in lighting about their various products. If they only have one or two to offer, that’s a bad sign. It means they take a one-size-fits-all approach that isn’t likely to fit anyone that well. You need a range of choices, both bulbs, and fixtures so that you can customize to your heart’s content.

Lighting control systems must be able to take those choices into account. Whether you’re outfitting a small office space or an entire mall, wiring, and control really matters. Ask your provider about their experience installing control systems in buildings equivalent to yours. What projects have they already done? What were the specs? How do you continue to work with those clients over time? How can they scale with you in future?

Moreover, look for lighting controls that meet the needs of each space. When the system is wired only concerning the building as a whole, it will let you down. Unless your lighting partner carefully matches the controls to each room in which you’re installing lights, you’ll encounter trouble. No thanks to that, right?

Starbeam Serves the Space First, Every Time

Starbeam works hard to match lighting control systems to each building on a space-first basis, rather than placing the needs of an entire building foremost. When we configure each room for optimal control, you get the most utilitarian (and lovely) environment possible. Get the right accessories and function when you work with us here at Starbeam.

Ready to learn more about commercial lighting control systems, fixtures, and rebates? We would love to help you out. Schedule an audit with us. We’ll assess your unique structure to make the best recommendations. It’s time to upgrade or change your technology to get a solution that works for you.