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Finding the Right Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Finding the Right Industrial Lighting Fixtures. Industrial lighting is much different than lighting your home or apartment. Your business may need multiple kinds of lights, and must be able to intelligently scale your system to your needs. Get it wrong and you could be hurting your business by losing customers or making your employees’ work environment unsafe. Get it right — starting with a free lighting consultation from Starbeam Lighting Solutions — and you can save money, earn rebates, and find an ROI faster than you imagined possible.

Advantages of LED Industrial Lighting

LED industrial lighting needs to strike a delicate balance between efficiency, productivity, and safety. If your lighting isn’t up to par, it’s much harder to meet those goals; you stand to lose productivity, your workplace will be more accident-prone, and the money you thought you saved on a cheap solution ends up coming out of your budget in other ways. For anything from a factory to a large building site, let us help.

Warehouse Lighting Fixtures

Warehousing and distribution rely on speed and accuracy, and you’ll get neither if your employees can’t see what they’re doing. The right lighting helps with picking, sorting, packing, and storage, and keeps your business humming.

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

In many situations, light from outdoors is either nonexistent, or — just as often — inadequate for everyday tasks. We offer a diverse industrial lighting portfolio along with four decades’ experience to each space and each project, so we keep your space lit and your budget under control.


  • High Bay Lighting: Whether you’re lighting an aircraft hanger, factory floor or warehouse, this is the traditional standby
  • Industrial Lamps: A bright but controlled radius makes industrial lamps well-suited for task lighting and other applications where you need just a bit more light
  • Pendant Lights: Like industrial lighting, pendant lights are a good solution for lower areas where high bays simply aren’t practical
  • Recessed Lighting: The ninja of lighting — hidden but powerful — recessed lighting is great for lighting areas that are accessible to the public
  • Track Lighting: Like its residential cousin, industrial track lighting is versatile and capable of illuminating large areas


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LED fixtures improve night time visibility, but they also improve security and limit your liability due to injury. And outdoor LED lighting can be used to beautify as well as illuminate.

Specialty Lighting

Each business’s needs are different, but even with that stipulation, some businesses have more specialized needs than others. Contact us for a range of specialty lighting solutions, including task lighting and lighting solutions for hazardous environments.

Lighting Upgrades for Commercial, Warehouse & Office

The expenses of older industrial lighting can be subtle enough to go unnoticed until you have an alternative. You may be spending too much on your energy bills or replacement parts, or losing money due to reduced productivity. A lighting system retrofit won’t simply save a few dollars; you can recoup your investment in 12 to 24 months.

Commercial Lighting Control Systems

An advanced lighting system needs advanced lighting controls. Not only can you maximize visibility, but a smarter lighting system can ensure that you maximize energy savings without sacrificing illumination.

Why Starbeam Lighting Solutions?

Starbeam Lighting Solutions doesn’t just build lighting systems; we build relationships based on trust. Whether it’s an extensive lighting retrofit or replacement parts, you’ll get the expertise you need and the attention you deserve. Take advantage of a free lighting audit from Starbeam Lighting Solutions to find energy savings and the best interior and exterior commercial lighting.