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How to ROI New Warehouse Lighting in 2 Weeks

ROI New Warehouse Lighting

ROI New Warehouse Lighting. What do you get when you combine the available incentive programs from Ameren Missouri or Ameren Illinois, high-quality new lighting fixtures, and an expert on all of the above from Starbeam?  A dramatic warehouse transformation that takes just 2 weeks to a full Return on Investment.


LED ROI By The Numbers

Here are the actual numbers from one of our recent LED retrofit projects we completed in the Metro St. Louis Area…


  • 27,000 SF Warehouse
  • Lit by 118 400w Metal Halide High Bay Lights
  • Used 3,000 hours per year at $.10 per kWh for an annual expense of $16,284.00


  • 118 Metal Halide Lights Replaced with 51 LED High Bay lights
  • Used 3,000 hours per year at $.10 per kWh for an annual expense of $2,769.30
  • Total Cost of Project Including Labor: $20,187.94
  • Ameren Illinois Incentive: $20,006.05
  • Net Cost to Starbeam Customer: $181.89

Yes, that’s correct less than $200 which took just two weeks to ROI (well 15 days, but almost 2 weeks).  More importantly, perhaps is our customer now has a much brighter and more productive working warehouse!

Check out our before and after “sliders” of the project:

Annual Energy Expense Reduction After LED Conversion

  • Annual Energy Spend Drops from $16,284.00 to $2,769.30
  • Annual Energy Cost Reduction: $13,514.70

Ready to see how high-quality LED lighting can transform your property while keeping occupants and visitors safe and healthy? The first step is having our lighting professionals perform a free audit to find out how you can improve your current system. We can also inform you about rebates you may be eligible for by upgrading to more energy-efficient LED lighting.

Get in touch with our lighting experts to build a custom system that meets your needs and helps protect employees. We’ve built our name by lighting up businesses in St. Louis and across Missouri and Illinois since 1970. We stand the test of time because our carefully selected products do the same. We stake our name and our word on the quality and support we provide.