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What’s the Advantage of an Ameren Ally?

Advantage of an Ameren Ally

Advantage of an Ameren Ally. Ameren Missouri was founded in 1902 as Union Electric. Even though Starbeam Lighting hasn’t been around for 116 years, if you total up our experience, we’ve got more than a century among us. We do have one thing in common with Ameren: a commitment to advanced green technology that saves money, energy, and the environment all at once. We have another ace up our sleeve: we’re an Ameren Ally. Here’s what that means for the businesses we serve in Missouri and Illinois.

The Ameren Ally Program

AMEREN does not do its own installations or retrofits. Instead, they rely on a network of BizSavers® Trade Allies like Starbeam Lighting to serve their Missouri and Illinois customers. In addition to businesses, we also work with the nonprofit, public, and municipal sectors — nearly any type of business or organization that seeks to improve its energy efficiency without sacrificing quality.

The advantage to you, as our customers? We’re trained continually on new energy efficiency technologies and installation techniques. In this way, not only are our products state-of-the-art, so too are our standards and practices. What’s more, we’re better positioned than non-Ally contractors to understand the ins and outs of the rebate and incentive structure, so we know how to save you money.

The  Ameren Ally Advantage

When you think about energy efficiency, you probably think of the same obvious culprits that many people do: driving a hybrid car, installing a smart thermostat, and ensuring that your physical plant or the tools of your trade are as energy-efficient as possible. Too many people don’t stop to think about the drain their lighting places on natural resources, as well as their business’s financial resources.

A retrofit can bring your lighting into the 21st Century. Besides the savings on your monthly energy bills, there are a number of available AMEREN energy efficiency rebates that can significantly offset the cost of your project. Having that project completed by an AMEREN Ally means a trained partner, but it also means ensuring that you maximize your ROI — in more ways than one!

Why Starbeam Lighting?

There are roughly 300 contractors who are qualified as Ameren Allies. So why should one contractor — Starbeam Lighting — be your first choice of those 300?

  • Extensive Experience: Our team brings more than 100 years’ combined experience with system designs and installations to each job, and we are experts in LED retrofits.
  • Energy Audits & Design Solutions: Poor design performs badly and can require expensive re-working later; your upfront savings could vanish like steam from a bathroom mirror. We won’t just give you a free project quote. We’ll get the job done right the first time.
  • Energy Incentives: As an Ameren Ally, we employ Ameren rebate specialists whose job is to find you the best incentives and cash rebates available.
  • Peace of Mind: Not everyone can design and execute a project like Starbeam Lighting can, and nobody backs their work like we do. We use high-quality product from recognized vendors, including Cree, GE, Philips Lighting, Universal Lighting Technologies, and Westinghouse. We rely on these companies because we know you can rely on them, too.
  • Expert — and Local — Customer Service: We’re proud to serve the greater St. Louis area. That means the help you need is never far away — and we offer walk-up service for your questions and product pick-up.
  • Extensive Selection: With more than 8,000 products in stock — including ballasts, drivers, fixtures, and lights — and easy access to thousands more, you’re practically guaranteed to find what you need whether your need is obvious or obscure.

What Comes Next?

If all of this — our experience, our knowledge, and our range of products, coupled with Ameren’s generous rebates — sounds good to you, you may be wondering what your next best step is. Our suggestion: start with a free lighting audit from Starbeam Lighting. We’ll assess your current lighting and determine how we can save you energy and money with our highly efficient LED lighting. Our Ameren Ally specialists will also work with you at every step to ensure that you get every penny in rebates your business qualifies for.

Retrofitting can benefit a number of SMBs. Retrofitting with LED lighting installed by Starbeam Lighting? Now that’s a bright idea.