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Get a Redo on Your Rebate!

Did you know that you can get another round of Ameren Rebates when you upgrade your lighting, even if you've already done so in years past? It's true! Technology is constantly becoming more efficient, and lighting is no exception.

Most warranties on lighting expire after 5 years, which may make you the perfect candidate for another round of rebates! If you have seen a decline in your lighting performance, want to save on energy, or want to take advantage of the Ameren Rebates once again, give us a call or fill out a form, and we will get you set up!

Where Expertise Meets Innovation For The Right Solution

Commercial Lighting Supply. We've built our name by lighting up businesses in St. Louis and across Missouri and Illinois since 1970. We stand the test of time because our carefully selected products do the same. We stake our name and our word on the quality and support we provide.

Commercial Lighting Supply
From large buildings to small offices, we’ll help improve sales, productivity and save you money with solutions that last the test of time. No matter your commercial lighting needs give us a call.
Commercial Lighting Supply
LED lighting is revolutionizing the lighting world with low wattage high quality lighting. Get ROI from your LED upgrade in 12-24 months.
Get ROI in 12-24 Months
Commercial Lighting Supply
Exterior lighting is critical for your outdoor environment including safety and appeal. Get the right mix of lighting products to enhance your property and your bottom line.
Commercial Lighting Supply
We carry all kinds of commercial and industrial lighting. We repair, replace and upgrade any system. We are experts in: bay, track, office, pendant, overhead, ceiling, lighting controls, bulbs and everything else lighting related.
Commercial Lighting Supply
Has it been a while since you upgraded to LED's and took advantage of the Ameren Rebate? Did you know you might be able to replace older LED's with newer ones and tap the Ameren program again? Call us today to find out if you are eligible to participate again.

Why Choose Us?


We’ve built our name serving businesses in St. Louis and across Missouri for 40 years.


We’ve focused exclusively on lighting since day one. Get the benefit of our expertise.


We carefully choose our products to provide the best long term solutions.

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Commercial Lighting Supply
Commercial Lighting Supply
Commercial Lighting Supply

Client Success Stories

Commercial Lighting Supply

Grace Lofts

We worked with Grace Lofts to convert their parking garage lighting to LED and reduced energy consumption by at least 75%. Ameren estimates that by replacing their old, inefficient lighting with new lamps, at a cost of $1500 after incentive, they will save nearly $4000 annually on their electric bill. The lighting will pay for itself in a matter of months, making Grace Lofts return on investment a whopping 258%.

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