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Commercial Lighting

Fixtures & LED For All Applications

There's more to commercial lighting than you might think. If you would like to learn about your options for LED lighting and fixtures, you've come to the right place.

Here at Starbeam, we believe in bringing the best of commercial lighting to our clients and customers, every single day. We pride ourselves on being energy specialists. We work hard to ensure you get the best value while lighting your commercial structure in the most visually pleasing way. If you have been looking for lighting solution specialists who will work for you, you've hit the jackpot!

In fact, you’ll never need to look again, because the Starbeam team is here to help you with all your commercial lighting needs. Need an energy audit or a lighting audit? Or do you need help to figure out how to get the best energy rebates? And of course, you probably want to see the quickest return on your lighting investments, right? No matter what your challenge, we don’t rest until we get you what you need.

Commercial Lighting for All Spaces and Situations

When you're looking for a commercial lighting company, you want to be sure you get an organization that can help you with every need. Do you need commercial outdoor lighting fixtures? That's a different need then commercial recessed lighting. Lighting a huge warehouse-like big box store? That requires a different approach than a grocery store or retail boutique.

One of the things that our clients appreciate most about us is that we never take a cookie-cutter approach. No matter the space, the lighting style, the budget, the location, the natural light, and your individual aesthetic, we help you optimize outcomes with the best lighting solutions on the market. There is a reason we have been go-to lighting solution in St. Louis for years. It's because we know what we're doing (and we have a really good Fritos dip recipe, but that’s beside the point).

The thing about lighting is, it does more than simply help your customers see. Sure, it does that too. Proper lighting helps your valued clients and customers imagine what life could be like. When commercial exterior lighting illuminates your building and logo, it gives customers that sense of possibility. When delicate recessed fixtures shine down on your product, your show floor or even your office, the people that matter to you catch you at your best.

Property management companies trust us to update the lighting on apartment buildings. Restaurants call on us to highlight the beauty of their food. These businesses aren't alone, and they know a crucial secret to success. The right fixtures and bulbs help shine a light on what your company does best.

Right now, LED is the current market favorite. Not only are LED bulbs energy efficient and beautiful, but they can also save you money. However, the market is changing quickly right now. If you don't work with the best, you won't get the best results.

Your Local Commercial Lighting Company

The right commercial lighting company is a company that can match your vision. If you own a grocery store, for instance, you need a lighting plan. It will help you highlight different areas of your store. Customers appreciate illumination that makes food look its best. The requirements are different for the produce department versus the meat department. Ditto for corners of the store versus the interior aisles. Moreover, you'll want different lighting at the registers and the food court. What you need, really, is flexibility.

The same goes for a jewelry store. For thousands of years, humans have been mesmerized by the sparkling, faceted, light-catching nature of gemstones and precious metals. If you want to show off your wares to customers, it takes the right lighting. Let us help you design an LED lighting system. It will not only show your jewelry in the best light (see what we did there?), it will also save you money.

We can help you find the right colors of light, and we can work with you to make a plan for the best placement in your store or commercial establishment. We’ve been in this market for a long time, and we know exactly what works best. We're not just here to sell you something. Instead, we work with you to ensure the most beautiful results possible. If you are considering an LED upgrade, it's time to get in touch with us.

Commercial Lighting Fixtures of All Kinds

Looking for commercial lighting fixtures of all kinds? Here’s a list of a few ways we can help you:

  • Commercial LED
  • Outdoor & Exterior Lighting - LED and Traditional
  • Outdoor & Exterior LED Lighting
  • Outdoor and Exterior Lighting
  • Commercial Bay Lighting
  • Commercial Lamps
  • Commercial Track Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting

If you don't see it what you need on the list, that doesn't mean we don't have it. Just call and ask for anything you may need. We’re here to help. We also invite you to learn more about us or get in touch today.

Ready to set up a commercial lighting energy audit? Our knowledgeable team will walk you through the steps of upgrading your LED lighting plan.

Together, we can help you save energy, save money, and literally see the best results. Yeah, we went there.