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Industrial Lighting

Fixtures & LED For All Applications

Are you ready to take the plunge and learn more about industrial lighting for your factory, warehouse, site or application?

A famous guy once said, “Let there be light.” We like to think he was talking about us and our many options for industrial lighting. Here at Starbeam, we have brought the best industrial LED lighting to the Midwest market for more than four decades. In that time, we've learned a little bit about the vast array of lighting options available today.

We know firsthand, therefore, how confusing it can be to wade through the choices. Industrial outdoor lighting? Industrial bay lighting? Industrial track lighting? Industrial recessed lighting? The options seem to go on and on.

Now, at least, you don't have to go it alone. Our team is proud to work with you to find the best industrial lighting solutions for your needs. We help you save money, get rebates, use less energy, find the perfect industrial lighting solutions and look better on date night. Okay, that one’s a stretch. (Unless you happen to be inside one of our beautifully lit warehouses on Friday Night.)

Whatever the case, it’s time to make us your go-to for industrial exterior lighting, interior lighting, and more. Let us tell you why.

Your Local Industrial Lighting Company

They say seeing is believing, but we think seeing is safety and productivity. Making sure your team has enough light is crucial. Without it, they can’t read or write effectively. They have to guess more often. They might miss signs of danger that would be obvious with better lighting. And they certainly can’t work as quickly or effectively.

This might seem obvious. Too many companies, however, don’t take the opportunity to upgrade their lighting systems for greater efficiency and productivity. They are afraid of the costs, perhaps, or the interruptions in workflow. Those fears are erroneous.

For one thing, any interruption in the workflow will quickly fade with the increased safety and pace that comes with better lighting. Moreover, better lighting means you can design better systems in future. The workflow will improve when you have a lighting system that adds to it – as opposed to one you have to work around.

Also, the money you spend will pay itself back pretty quickly. LED lighting is huge these days. These energy-efficient lamps use significantly less money than other types. So, they pay for themselves quickly. An intelligent LED investment will start paying itself back in two years, often less. When you work with us, our team will consult to winnow that number down, so you can see returns even more quickly. Invest in new lighting today, and you’ll love the results both for workflow and cashflow.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures of All Kinds

Sometimes finding the right lighting is as simple as figuring out what you’re lacking. That’s where we come in. We can perform an energy audit or lighting audit. Then, we'll let you know what will work best for your space and your bank account. Knowing your needs, we can make the best recommendation. Whether you need industrial outdoor LED or industrial bay lighting, we’ll let you know. Here are a few of our other options:

  • Industrial LED: LED lamps for all your indoor and outdoor industrial applications.
  • Outdoor & Exterior LED and Traditional Lighting: Whether you want energy-efficient LED exterior lighting or traditional bulbs for a softer effect, we can help you get it.
  • Industrial Pendant Lights: Pendant lights enable you to shed light on areas lower down in your industrial setting. No longer must you content yourself with difficult lighting from above or one pole.
  • Industrial LED and Traditional High Bay Lighting: Want to illuminate a large warehouse, factory floor or hangar? This is the way to go.
  • Industrial Lamps: Want to shed light on a specific area? Use lamps to cast a bright glow in a certain radius.
  • Industrial Track Lighting:Track lighting is cost-effective and utilitarian. Illuminate large areas easily with this style.
  • Recessed Lighting: Tuck those lights away for a softer and more ambient effect. Perfect for when you’re lighting an area in which clients and customers spend time.
  • Factory Lighting: Light up those factories inside and out with intelligently placed bulbs, fixtures and control systems.

The Lighting Experts Are Here for You

Ready to make an appointment to find out more about industrial lighting? Start with a lighting audit to help you save money and get the right solutions. Our team is here to help, not sell, and we have been for 40 years. You can trust us! And if you don’t, you’re certainly not spending date night at our warehouse. (Sorry, but you brought this upon yourself.)