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Warehouse Lighting

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Ready to learn more about warehouse lighting fixtures and the right installation for your warehouse?

Warehouse lighting fixtures certainly aren't a panacea for all your warehouse woes. But the right lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to productivity. The same is true regarding your energy bills. Here at Starbeam, we recommend switching to LED lighting to get in on the cost savings and the quick ROI of this modern lighting type.

If you're going to make the switch, however, it's important to do it soon. The sooner you put in energy-efficient bulbs, the sooner you can see a return on investment. Moreover, we can help you take advantage of rebates that might not be there forever. If you run a warehouse and are thinking about upgrading the light fixtures, now is the time to do it.

But, you're wondering, how do I do it? There are a lot of choices, right? Great question. We will help you make sure you make the right decisions every time. If we do our job right, you'll see savings, and you'll love your new lighting as well. But we don't leave you on your own after that. It’s just not our way. For the life of your business, you'll have a go-to lighting specialist to help you with any future needs.

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LED Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting is crucial. You know that. You also know that lighting such a huge space can be expensive and hot. Instead of putting up with all those incandescents, why not make the jump to LED warehouse lighting? LED bulbs are a great long-lasting solution, helping you save money and see ROI within two years or less.

Energy efficiency isn’t just a Mother Earth thing, after all. (Although we hope you’re with us when we say Mother Earth is definitely a cool lady and we should protect her.) The truth is, though, that you’re the one paying all those electric bills. If you can install bulbs that use far less energy while lighting your warehouse just as efficiently, why wouldn’t you?

Here’s where we come in. Our team will help you find the LED lighting solutions that work for you. We match our plans to the size of your warehouse and your specific requirements. We communicate with you about energy rebates and help you see a return on investment in less than two years. Sometimes, it takes as little as 12 months. A smart investment in LED won't just increase the effectiveness of your warehouse workflow. You'll see savings on your bottom line as well.

Every warehouse needs light. Shouldn't you give yours the best?

Why You Should Think About Warehouse Lighting

Old warehouses with old lighting fixtures and systems cost money. More money than you should be paying. It sounds obvious, but old lighting technology just costs more. If you haven’t had an upgrade in years (or decades, we shudder to say), then it’s time to consider one now. Otherwise, those old bulbs and fixtures will continue to siphon money out of your account over the long haul. If you’re tired of paying high bills, then LED is your new best friend.

These modern bulbs are energy-efficient but still pleasant to work under. They don’t create the same heat as incandescents, so you don’t have to worry about how close you place them to objects. With pendant lights, bay lighting, track lighting and more, we give you all the options you need to customize your warehouse to your needs.

Be careful, though. Sometimes an option seems like a good deal but is actually a horrible choice. Many companies get themselves into trouble when they invest in an LED solution that goes bad. They buy from a disreputable buyer. Or they order their own stock online, and it turns out to be made of cheap third-rate material. These products break quickly, leaving you with a new problem on your hands.

Worst of all, often when this happens, companies have already used their one-time rebate. Now you have to buy a new, more expensive system, but that rebate is gone. Not good, friends! Not good. You can avoid that outcome by working with the best, now, today.

Warehouse Lighting Fixtures from the Pros

If you’re raring to learn more about warehouse lighting fixtures, get in touch with us. We can guarantee fewer disappointments and greater illumination in your future. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for, in warehouses and life?